Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ignorant fools you are.

Some text i found on a guys blog years ago speculating on society as it is today.

Ignorant fools you are:

Keep on running in your hamster wheel. day after day, and when you get your pay, consume stuff you don't need. Trapped in a world of ignorance, narrowmindedness and oppression. Eat your burger and feel good about destroying the environment, eating life brought up like plants, massproduced without love. You are driven by greed to be one of the selected few. Wear your suit with expensive brandnames, made from the same cotton as my worn out jeans. Comb your hair to be presentable to your god: pounds, dollars and euro. Then you can die a happy man, knowing that you polluted, harvested life as grown plants, knowing that your mountain of consumed goods is big enough to take you to your heaven of money and greed. But when the lights go out, you will know, you did this for nothing. all you contributed to was pollution, death and inequities, spreading your ignorance so others can do the same. You have been fooled, even though the truth has been in front of your eyes the entire time. You are an imprisoned slave, lured by your bottomless hunger for money and consumption, but you cannot realize it, you cannot see the bars of your prison, for it is in your own mind. If you did realize it, you would know that you've lived your life for nothing.

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